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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

okay, im back again. Today went for drumming lessons, was very fun and interesting. Learnt a few new beats again. yeah!...after drumming went to meet up with mathais and do some flourishing. And it was the first time I met sherman!.haha, hes a pro!. Met two other flourishes also, i think their name was darren and darryl. Their skills were awesome too!. Omg, cant take it. must brush up liao.... btw, today got my new ARCANE white deck!.

Front view

Back view
The arcane deck handles great!. Comes with UV500 air flow finish. I recommend anyone who do flourishes or even card magic to get this deck!.


Nickson posted at 11:06 PM

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DRUMMING ROCKS!....holidays now, shiok. holiday homework havent do yet, alot leh. anyways, matches against river valley and CYC at end of this month, c'mon guys, we have to win...


Nickson posted at 11:28 AM

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey, me went to celebrate mum birthday today. Ate alot alot alot.. the food was not bad ,lol.
Anyways, so dam bloated right now that even though im so tired but i cant get to sleep. shall post some pics.....
This was at Conrad Hotel....

God-Of-Gamblers (um-qio..lol)
thats it for todday, gonna faint now, bbye.


Nickson posted at 11:37 PM

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kay, last day of school today. But no difference, still have to come back everyday to school. STupiD!..Anyways, after school this particular teacher talked to me about lots of things. And talked freaking long which was totally unexpected..Haiz, Really made me reflect myself. On my studies particularly. Im starting to like this teacher and r will try my best. Thats all I can say to you..

and daniel...heres my broken PK ring. Dun believe me ah...


Nickson posted at 8:29 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

wa, sian, now is the time where i believe most of us hate. GEtting back the results.!!!..did very badly for all the subjects that were returned to me. I believe the rest will be the same. I will really need a miracle to promote to sec4 express next year . And thank you soooooo much!.

Anyways decided to post some old photos. The picture says it all...("thx" ck for editing)
Crapping around on bus

Explain the irony here....??


Nickson posted at 8:44 PM

Monday, October 12, 2009

hi there, again. Its in the exam period now. Cant wait for this last exam to be over and then can shiok shiok already. Today i learnt an important lesson once again which i always failed to do so, is to cherish whatever chances we have and go for it...anyways, here's an old video where derren helped me captured it, tot it was kind of cool.....

THE Spring ( still very lousy though)


Nickson posted at 11:00 PM

Saturday, September 19, 2009

hey guys, back again...today went out whole day with tj to do homework. Can say that i did quite alot just now. lols, then do untill sian liao decided to do some card flourishing. Been practising on it for some time. And the worst thing today is the flue that im going thru!..can die le. Super pek cek with it. K anyways, here's one of the video we took...

Its called 'The WERM'

Oh btw, heres the picture on friday when i did card flourishing in school. ( thx gekhooi for picture)....

Its called "Pisa".


Nickson posted at 8:29 PM

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey pple, back to blogging again. This few days currently focusing on card floursihing, but suck like shit!..hiaz, my exam results dam freaking bad ah, teachers and parents all start to nag again. Feeling very empty inside me now, have some misunderstanding between ppl i know. But again, its my fault for all the things i've done. Dun knw why i start to cherish things only after i lose it. Sorry to all you guys out there for what i did, whether im wrong anot, just wanna apologise. Kay, september holidays is here. Filled with quite a number of activities. but again, all the pressure on my studies is bombarding my whole hols and my mind, lols. Dunnoe how im going to survive september holidays and even worst, i will be dieng more after the september hols.....wish me good luk!


Nickson posted at 11:31 PM

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay, today last paper of the common test. Played our mathc with sec 2 after school today and won them 5-1. Scored 2 GOALS!..lols. K, basically nth much this week, but now after CT le, can relax relax abit. Looking forward for more street magic opportunities this weekend, its so fun. Hope you are doing fine although i dun knw WTH happened!?..lols...And my leg now is very pain, cramped bcoz of today, ARGH!..


Nickson posted at 7:49 PM

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today was our match against CYC. Also the last match in the crossroad league for 2009. And..we thrased this little boy's team 12-0!...yay!@..lols, scored 4 goals and was quite happy bout it. Our reserved played well today and everyone gave their best. Referee wanted me to be substituted out because i was scoring too much( not showing off here), but its true, lols. anyways, after the match, head pain till now. Sleep wake up liao still pain, dun knw why sia....anyways ,tonite going pasir ris chalet to meet cousin and hav BBQ. And for out friendlies after this league, hope we can be a better team....take care guys!.

Nickson posted at 5:32 PM

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow, blog's dead....shall update a little. Today i was quite hardworking. lols?!..anyways, did quite alot of work during lesson time..haha... So, i became bangla version two, was SUN TANNED from sunday and became super dark. WAlao, should not have stayed under the sun for so long....AND my flu today was damn irritating, lend tissue from benedict till he pekcek liao, sry lor...no choice ma. Have been trying to recover from my minor leg injury which have been bugging me for veri long, hope can fully recover. Played soccer with boots today after school and everything went well. Have my final match in the crossroad league this saturday against CYC, small boy's team. So maybe can relax abit??..lols...just hope the best for this sat match. And im feeling very lousy yesterday. Haiz...hope everything will be smooth for me now....And thank you for buying 'time' for me, really appreciate it. I may not always be able to remind you, so good luck!.

Nickson posted at 7:23 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

okay, my left arm is officially crippled. SOOOOO many injuries mainly on my left arm, stupid la......always injured here and there !&%&*!$^(@(*(!!!!_(*@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Got a new injury today, and its a big one!...blood spill here and there, wth la!!... I wan recover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faster!!!!!!...haiz, dam pain luh....and very hard to post my hand when sitting down...


Nickson posted at 10:06 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BLOG'S DEAD!...hahahaha. Im feeling sad yet happy, who can explain this.. Its the holidays now, but...its rly weird. Life is really hard and unfair, HAIZ....Anyways, i've been playing lesser and lesser soccer. Even when i play, i play with an empty heart nowadays. I really need alot alot alot alot alot of time to re-asset alot of things. In terms of health, studies, and so called 'career' and many many other things. Everythings been wrong for me nowadays. Not trying to be emo here, but i've always been seen as a happy and cheerful person, however, i've been trying to cover up alot of things, alot of worries, alot of problems... ..


Nickson posted at 3:27 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Okay, exams are finaly over, can relax. Currently busy with alot of things...will not be blogging often, which already was...I have alot on my mind, even though exams are over. dunnoe what to do.


Nickson posted at 4:01 PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

Okay, Im here to announce that my name has been officially change to Nickson Ng Ke Jea. I knw the chi spelling is kind of weird, but the main point is, Nickson is finally offcial!!..lols...take ur time to get used to it, haha...


Nickson posted at 8:34 PM

Sunday, March 8, 2009

YES!~...its after Ct. Can relax all I want. However, i did veri badly for CT except for maths which i think i did quite well, lols. OMG, i rly got the PS3 frm parents for my bdae present, so cool. Its damn good, so many different functions as compared to my old PS2. Okay, now im going to concentrate on my soccer. Quite a numnber of tournaments and matches coming up for me, I dun wan to miss the opportunity again..

Nickson posted at 6:11 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi, Im back with another quiz. Lols, dun want to post bout what happen, so decided to do quizzes. This quiz intoduced from natalie. Veri old quiz i supposed.

1) The person that tag/pass me this is?
2) The relationship between him/her is?
Very good friends
3) Your five expressions of him/her is?
Pretty, sweet, caring, sentimental, sometimes crazy.
4) Most memorable thins he/she have ever done for you?
She have done too many things for me.
5) Most memorable this he/her said to you is?
Erm, confidential bah, lol.
6) If he or she becomes your lover, things he or she have to improve on is?
Nothing, she is almost perfect, lols.Shld be i improve. But we cant be lovers.
7) If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?
Crazy ah, impossible man.
8) What is the thing you want to tell him/her now?
Cheer up girl, stay positive.
9) Your overall impression of him or her?
A very very very caring person.
10) How do you think the people around you feel about you?
I dont know??
11) The character you like most about yourself?
12) On the contrary, the character you hate most about youself?
Being undecisive in important decisions, leading to regret...
13) The most ideal person you want to be is?
Dunoe, just be myself lor..
14) For people who cares and likes you, say something to them.
Thanks for caring for me, i really apreciate it.
15) Pass this quiz to ten people and answer the questions that follows.
2. Timothy
3. Chee yuan
4. Joyce
5. Magdelene
6. Gillian
7. Kangjing
8. Aiyin
9. Jiaying
10. Eleazer
16) Who is No.6 having a relationship with?
No one.
17) Is No. 9 female or male?
18) If No.7 and No. 10 be together, will it be a good thing?
Omg, impossible.....
19) What is No.2 studying about?
Almost same as me lor, except he got arts, if not wrong?...lols
20) When was the last time you chat with number 3?
Today, almost everyday i see his damn freaking face.
21) What kind of music does No.8 like?
Erm, not sure. Band music, lols.
22) Does No. 1 has siblings?
23) Will you woo No. 3?
No way, vomits vomits vomits....AHHH
24) How about No. 7?
What??!!, im not a gay la....damn it!.....
25) Is no.4 single?
I dunnoe.
26) What is the surname of No. 5?
27) What is the hobby of No.10?
Soccer lor...
28) Does No.5 and No.9 get along well?
Not bad la, normal lor....shld be..
29) Where is No. 2 studying at?
Fuhua sec
30) Talk something about No.1?
Very very reliable and caring friend.
31) Have you ever tried developing feelings for No.8?
Erm, dont think so.
32) Where does No.9 stay?
33) Are you No.1 and No.5 best friend?
No.1 definitely yes, No. 5 not sure leh, normal freinds, coz nvr talk much already, lols.
34) Does No.1 have pets?
No, shes dreading to have one
35) Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world?
36) What is No.1 doing now?
Sobbing, as i guess...

YES!...finally finished...Enjoy please..!


Nickson posted at 9:01 PM

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey, bored....so going to do a quiz. MAINLY to keep my blog alive, coz its rly dying soon.

1. Are you single- Yes..
2. Are you happy- Yah, but actually no..not sure
3. Are you bored- Damn yes!..for now.

4. Are you fair - NO!..im dark...
5. Are you Italian- No.
6. Are you intelligent - Idk, maybe below average, lols.
7. Are you honest - Erm, yes, but depends on the ppl im toking, lols.
8. Are you nice - not sure, depends lor.
9. Are you Irish- NO, wth.
10. Are you Asian- YES!.....

1. Full name- Nickson Ng Ker Jie
2. Nicknames- Too many to mention...haiz.
3. Birthplace - Singapore
4. Hair color- Black, sometimes gold, lols, dunnoe why.
5. Natural hairstyle- Ha...Like that lor..hahahaha
6. Eye color- Black
7. Birthday- 8th march
8. Mood- Crazy
9. Favourite color - BLUE!!!
10. One place you like to visit - AMERICA!

1. Have you ever been in love - ERm......
2. Do you belive in love at first sight- yes
3. Do you currently have a crush- ...O..M..G, lols, dunnoe la.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally- Yes, alot alot alot...
5. Have you ever broken someone'e heart - Yeah, sorry.
6. Have you ever have your heart broken- Ya....
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them - Yes..
8. Are you afraid of commitments- No..if its worth it.
9. Who was the last person u hugged - Eh.....
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to- Er.....

1. Love or lust - LOVE
2. Hard liquor or beer - Beer..man drink beer, lols.
3. Cats or dogs- Dogs
4. A few best friends or any regular friends- A few best friends
5. Creamy or Crunchy- Crunchy, actually both oso can.
6. Pencil or pen- Huh?!!, Dunnoe??
7. Wild night out or romantic night in- Both oso can.
8. Money or happiness- happy happy la....
9. Night or day- night and day..
10. IM or phone- Phone

1. Been caught sneaking out- No, i go out with a clear consicence..
2. Seen a polar bear- Ya
3. Done something you regret- Of coz la, who dun have
4. Bungee jump- Yes, very very very long time ago, damn scary
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor- Abit..
6. Finished an enitire jaw breaker- Whats that?
7. Been caught naked- Ya, when i was baby
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back- Yeah....but didnt say ba...
9. Cried because you lost a pet- ya, my poor rabbit died because of a stupid fat cat.
10. Wanted to disappear- sumtimes...

Okay, this quiz is damn long, i didnt knw that. I cut here la...Veri tired liao, anyone want to do, go ahead...Bye..


Nickson posted at 9:49 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hi there peeps, soo soo soo soo long nvr blog liao. No mood to post anything even though alot of stuffs happen. Kay, im just trying to keep my blog alive with this post, lazy to type out all that has happen. Haiyo, chinese new year very suay fer me, nvr mind. Hope evrything will go smoothly for me frm now on, and for you....


Nickson posted at 8:46 PM

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey, I have not ben bogging lately, been kinda of busy with some stuffs. But today's post is about something that happen today with me and my group of friends. Actually, quite drama and more of like a composition, just that it happnened in real life. So, here it goes......
Today after school me, cheeyuan, leslie and eleazer went to leslie condo to play soccer at the street soccer court. Then as usual we went crazy with the ball when we reached there, was drizzling a little though. So coz everytime we play soccer there cheeyuan and leslie will put their phone on the railings there. So anyopne could just grab it with their hand from outside( as the soccer court is surround with cage). So, this two stupid people put their handphones there and expect nothing to happen. So, gues you all know what im going to say, got one stupid guy took leslie's and cheeyuan's phone from outside and luckily one of our friends saw it when we were palynig soccer. So, we immediately chased that guy and shouted him to come back with alot of vulgarities, U will not want me to say it out. Me and cheeyuan was right behind that person and he ran all the way till he was cornered. So he climb over the fence in such a fast speed that we lost him. SH!T.......So the rest came along and they decided to call the police and wait there. But then in my mind i though" by the time u make a report to the police and wait for them to come, the thief would hav ran away to a far place. Without hesitation, i went SOLO, lols, out of the condo to search for the guy. Luckily I lived nearby and knew the place quite well, as when he climbed over the fence there were only two ways he could go to. I just guess one of the paths and walked another route to see if i could meet him there. As what we saw , he was wearing all black, so of coz while searching i ask ppl if they saw a guy with black shirt and skinnies. Most of them said no and i walked damn far OKAY!!!.. then when i was about to give up and walked back coz there was no point since no one saw him, I saw a guy wearing all black walking towards the direction im walking. By the way, he is about 17 to 20 years old with a bit dyed hair and is a chinese. I could remember all these as i was to last to see him. okay, back to the story, I saw him and he saw me. In my mind again i thought if this was the guy. I didnt do any big movements as i didnt want to alarm him. So, we stoned there for a few second and i act like natural. But, a second later he seem to have notice that i was the one chasin him in the condo. So, he walked back a few steps and began to run. This point of time i was very confirm that he was the one already, so i chase after him. I wanted to call cheeyuan they all for back up arleady but forget that my phone was in my bag. So, it all depends on me already. The distance between me and the guy was quite clear for me to remember his face and all about 8 meters. Then while i was on the chase again, there was a basketball nearby and many were playing there. I shouted to the passerbyers to help me with cathcing the guy and they just stood there looking as if it was a movie. STUPID lar, F lar. So, i pek cek but no choice continue to chase. then there were so many void decks then and when he ran to a void deck, i could hardly see him coz there were too many pillars to block my view. I was very angry at that time and swear that i would punch him if i ever caught him, then I saw the guy again, this time he was so far arleady, I was so F up liao, then sprint to him, after that i lost him again, asked some ppl nearby and they all said they saw him walking the same direction. I chase to where they directed me but there was no sign of him. At that point of time i was already so tired as i used up all my energy for soccer le, and i didnt eat the whole day until now okay, Plus my leg was injured, what i could do was way limited. Haiz, so no choice got back to the condo and saw them still sitting at one corner. then, the policeman came and all i could do was to describe the guy. But the i think the police cannot do much already coz the guy probably got away liao. Fortunately, it wasnt my phone that got stolen, lucky i put in my bag. This teaches us two things, not to leave the valuables around and SINGAPOREANS have no 'heart' at all....okay, the story ends here....


Nickson posted at 10:48 PM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

LONG LONG time nvr post already. No mood to post anyways, been kinda busy with some things. Anyways, now im damn sick. I can barely hear my own voice, coz of a stupid sore throat. Got quite a serious flu and cough too. Actualy got the sore throat bout 4 days ago but then start to lose voice today morning, haiz. Went to see doctor and gave me medicine, luckily no ANTI-BIOTICS. Phew. but hope i can get back to normal soon. COZ is so damn pain and hard to speak or talk. Okay, enough bout this. Yesterday night have bbq gathering in my house with my sis and boyfriend and their friends. Qutie alot of people came. And guess what, I had my first and longest and most succesful magic performance ytd night. It lasted for 4 hours. No joke. From 11pm to 3am. I got the best reactions from them ytd night from all the people i showed magic to. lols. Basically, ytd night was a good experience for me. To build up confidence if i really get the chance to do street magic. Okay, i dont want to post le. shall stop, byebye.


Nickson posted at 11:11 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey there, Im back from chalet. This chalet not bad la. But i cannot decide if the june hols chalet was better or this was better. However, this time the chalet is very very small. I was expecting it to be small since kelila said so but didnt expect it to be so small. But I appreciate what kelila and the organisers are doing anyways, since everything was quite in a rush. Okay, Im going to slowly post what happened during the chalet. Not going to type out the finest details but i'll try, lols.
First day, went to chalet with vincent and the rest. Meet at jp then go jurong east if im not wrong to meet kelila and the rest. Shall not talk much on how we get to the chalet but I remember the MRT was damn crowded. Reached chalet and was sad that the Pasir Ris area was still raining and the floor was wet. Walked to the chalet , Costa Sands and waited for kelila and mayfan to get the key for the house. Everyone was talking about how small the house is, lols. Then waited for everyone to settle down and no surprise the whole chalet was full of cards. I was damn hungry when I reached the chalet luckily kelila's mum helped me cooked cup noodle, thanks, if you ever get to see this. LOLS. After eating I began to show some magic. I remembered that the first spectator was kelila's mum, showed her the trick called invinsible deck. Okay, then slowly more ppl came to watch what I was showing. I was disappointed with myself although I didnt show it becoz I screwed some magic tricks and those magic was those that I wasnt planning to reveal to them. The scariest person that I showed magic to was MAYFAN. Coz while I was away, she took my sort of 'magic bag' and saw the secret of one magic props. She also found out some other magic as well. Not bad sia, she told me she was interested in magic as well. Kay, then at different intervals taught them a few easy magic tricks and gillian kept on pestering me for more and more. First she said reveal two tricks can already, then slowly became more guo fen. lols. Then when the rain stopped most of them went to the beach to paly captain ball onli left me and some others. Then we play card games and I played 21 with gillian, aiyin, mayfan, jianxing.I taught them the new version of 21 and we play got forfeit der. Unlucky for jianxing, he kenna forfeited twice in a row. Sad sad. Then after that they all came back and we started to bathe and ate the steamboat. However, I was one of the last to eat the steamboat, and when I wanted to eat, left beans only. Then darren and the rest cook again and I shared with them. After that played cards again then gillian, aiyin, charmaine and jiaying asked me to go nightwalk with them. Then while during the nightwalk they kept shouting over the slightest and smallest things. But the nightwalk was nice, the weather was very cooling and there was barely a few people left in the whole park. Then talked and walked with them and scared them a little, lols. Went back to the chalet and just nice the rest wanted to go to the shopping mall nearby already. So, we tagged along and at first I wanted to play pool but since underage, so could not, wth. Then we all decided to go bowling. At first i didnt play becoz of my leg injury. But since last time to paly with 2i4 le so decided to 'chiong', lols. Of coz after that my leg swelled up again. Haiz. Then palyed till dunnoe what time liao then they decided to go back. So headed back to chalet and some of them was tired so went to sleep. But got limited space onli so most of us was still awake. So, standard rules, in the house is always cards. lols. I went to sleep aroung 6am and woke up becoz of stupid vincent at 8am. Went down to first floor and refreshed myself. So while waiting for them to start the day I showed magic tricks again.Then it was gift exchange time. I was still very blur at that time and didnt know it was already the gift exchange time. Then wanyi came up to me and gave me a notbook and a pen. I thought that she wanted me to write something then she stared at me. Then i stared at her. the she stared at me back. So I said something like' ya, why?' then she said,' your gift la'...lols. damn funny at that moment but thanks anyways. So, while realizing I could already give the gift i gave the gift I bought to mayfan. I hope she liked it ba. And i didnt buy soft toys as instructed by her, lols. then after that I jio ppl go cycling with me and in then end darren, junwei, ceksin, benedict, yeejun and jerald went with me. Damn shiok becoz of the morning breeze. Cycled for about an hour then went back to chalet and most of them were already awake. Then palyed taiti with them and becoz of my magic tricks, they dun dare let me shuffle the cards or touch the cards saying I could change it and stuff like that. WTH and LOLS.Then in the afternoon went to eat lunch with them and ate macdonalds. Then went back to chalet and again, we played cards. I taught them another game called murderer and this time more peopl came to play. they got the hang of it really quick and we had lots of fun. Then skipped to at night we went out to eat again. then walked back and stomach was bloated. Then since junwei going home that night so his father longbang me on the way to bukit batok. Very nice of him, THANKS junwei and his dad. His brother was kind of cute in the car. lols. then reached home, and crazhed on my bed. THE END. lols


Nickson posted at 6:25 PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey, back from Malaysia a few days ago. Went to attend my cousin's wedding. Alot of interesting thing happened. Went for 3 days but felt like i went for 1 week though. Nevertheless, the whole wedding thing was fun. Especially went the groom had to enter the house and the ladies wouldnt let him enter. They demanded AngBao frm the groom and it wasnt just 1, it was a whole bunch. that thing i can say lasted for 45 minutes. Unbelievable but true. Got alot of forfeits for the groom, lols. I see already oso pity him. Okay, shall talk less and let the pictures do the talking.

(Photo of my father side cousins)

(Crapping around in the house with my sis Boyf.)

(Now you all know where I learn that face from)

(At the restaurant for the wedding dinner)

(Showing a cocky face. Sis boyf seems hungry, lols.)

(Random shot)

(Then at the restaurant we asked for coshtape and this was what happened to my hand. Not for the weak hearted, lols, jkjk. Some say like carrot, some say like chicken feet?)

Okay, finally finished uploading the photos. Hope could have another wedding occasion next time, damn fun!...shall stop here now, bye!.


Nickson posted at 12:48 PM

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hi there, so long never blog already. Very lazy to blog this few days. So, shall not post much on the previous days. Got a quiz frm kangjing blog, shall attempt it ba, lols. So here it is.

1. What is your name?
Nickson Ng Ker Jie.

2. Do I like my name?
So so bah.

3. How long have you like the person you currently like?
Im not sure if i really like though, if yes, few years bah...

4. Have you kiss anyone before?

5. Did you cry today?

6. What are you doing in the morning 8?
Still sleeping though.

7. What are you doing an hour ago?
Playing gunbound and chatting.

8. What are you currently doing?
Obviously doing this quiz...

9. Who last texted you a message?

10. Have you told anyone you love them today?

11. Do you miss anyone now?
Quite bah. In fact, miss all my good friends, especially...

12. Any plan for tml?
Not yet.

13. What was the last reason behind the last time you cried?
Honesty, faithfulness...same. lols

14. Is there anyone you want to be with now?

15. Have you kiss anyone with the name starting with 'S'?

16. Name someone who made you smile today? How?
Lu Chen, with his magical hands.

17. Name a friend whose name starts with 'Z'
Zhang Rui, hopes shes doing well in Canada now..

18. Which of a friend stays closest to you?
Er, dunnoe. Timothy?

19. Do you prefer to call or text?
It depends...

20. Was yesterday better than today?
No, today was better than yesterday, lols.

21. Can you live a day without your TV and your phone?
Can what, why not?

22. Are you mad about anything now?
Yes, my freaking leg injury, which cost me to waste so much time without soccer.

23. Do you ever think that relationship are worth in to?
It depends though...

24. Last person you visited in the hospital?
Im the one in the hospital.

25. When was your second and last hug?
What kind, gay hug or bear hug?? LOLS.

26. What does you last message say?
Veri long, dun wan to type out.

27. How you feel about life?
Okay, but sometimes unfair. Guess everyone has his/her up and downs.

28. Do you hate anyone?
Yah, guess so...

29. Last person you called?
Er, Natalie.

30. Who usually sends you the most text in a month?
Erm, not sure..Oso must depend on the period, lols.

31. Is your room messy now?
No, its very tidy and clean.

Okay, finally finished the quiz. I dont want to tag ppl to do. Those who want to do go and do bah.
Shall stop this post here now, bbye.


Nickson posted at 11:27 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey, back to blogging. Kay, shant talk much bout tdae, coz nth much happened. Yesterday went to Jp watch movie, Madagascar 2. I think alot of you will be surprised to hear me wacthing that movie, lols. Actually i didnt realli feel like watching a movie, seriously.....but then oso dunnoe why when to watch?..cannot explain. Guess that i nd to take my thoughts off certain things for awhile. So, the movie was funny in some parts. And quite touching too....so when movie end walk out through the corridor and guess what, I saw ANDY TAN there. He was actually watching the same movie as me. LOls, thought he was aaron at first, but then bcoz of his mole at his chin, lols..Went to said hi to him and he realli change quite alot, lols. Okay, then went to walk around Jp feeling quite boring but the thought of going home was even more boring for me. Im so boring this few days, I've nothing left with me. Then while going home on the bus dunnoe why suddenly i felt damn tired and sleepy, kept sleeping and wake up then sleep and wake up again at different intervals on the bus, lols. Then realized it was already so late when i reached home, the streets were dark and creepy too...K, shall stop here for now... But wait, hey, if you, ya you, im sure you knw who im talking about, please stop bothering me.....END


Nickson posted at 11:37 PM

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